Grab Free Shipping Limited Offer for Semper Collection of Bomberg Watches

Bomberg is famous Swiss watches manufacture that offers you high quality of watches with various collections. You can find Semper Collection and Maven Collection from Bomberg. For all of you who like Semper Collection, you can choose to buy 1968 Bomberg Watches. As we know Bomber is made for male. All men who wear the watches will be able to look masculine, elegant, and mysterious too. There are some other brands of watches and some people recommend you to buy Bomberg watch because of some reasons. The elegant design and the durable material make you easy to carry your watch to all places for long time. For all of you who want to buy Semper Collection of Bomberg watches, you better read the specification of the watches first so you really get what you want.

The 1968 Bomberg watches are available in three colors options black, green and orange. You can choose one that is suitable with your favorite color. Before you buy the watches, it is important to read the detail information about the watches first.

The 1968 Bomberg Black is made with metal black and white print with silver applied the counters. This watch is made with tachymeter and luminova nickel hand. There is day date that can show you the date in easy way. This watch is made with black leather strap and some standard holes and black stitching. The buckle is made with black sandblasted PVD. There is screwed case back and the watch is completed with water resistance ability. How much money that you must have to buy this watch, the price for this watch is $675.

1968 Bomberg Green is made with same specification with the black one. The only difference is the green print for the number in the watch. The 1968 Bomberg Orange is made with same specification and material but the print color for the number in the watch is orange. The price for Bomberg Green and Bomberg Orange is same. You can purchase by paying $675. For all of you who want to buy Semper Collection of Bomberg, you better open the official site of Bomberg and order the watch. You just need to add the watches to the cart and then send the money to them. You will feel so proud when you wear the watch because Bomberg watch really can express what you feel and show your personality too. It is time for you to buy the best watch for last.

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